How to Market Yourself as an Independent Insurance Agent

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April 12, 2018
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How to Market Yourself as an Independent Insurance Agent

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Whether you’re new to the world of insurance, or you’re merely looking to expand your customer base, there are many ways in which to do so. Marketing yourself to stand out from the thousands of other independent insurance agents can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Here are just a few of the many ways in which you can get customers to utilize your services, rather than those of your competition.  

Utilize Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s proving to be a lucrative marketing avenue for many different businesses, companies, firms, and individuals. Not only is it cost effective – allowing independent insurance agents to set and choose their own budget and target reach – but you can also actively review the data to get a gauge of its effectiveness.

Many companies prefer Facebook advertising to more traditional methods such as newspaper ads due to being able to see whether a campaign is working or not. Such is its popularity that in 2017 alone, companies spent close to $40 billion on Facebook ad campaigns.

As an independent insurance agent, there’s every reason to put money aside for a social media campaign budget. You can set your target audience, create a campaign to grab their attention and reap the rewards of expanding your customer base far beyond what you would have thought possible.

Email Still Has Its Place

Many people receive dozens of emails on a daily basis that bear no relevance to their daily life. Therefore, the vast majority of these are rarely opened and instead are marked as spam or are deleted straight away. However, if you’re able to create the perfect email marketing campaign, you may just find that email could be one of your most profitable ways of gaining new customers. It’s all in how you word it.

Once you’ve established a list of email addresses for people you believe could benefit from your independent insurance agent services, and you’ve gained those email addresses legitimately, you’re halfway there. You then need to create a compelling subject line that piques your potential new clients’ interest. Over a third of people choose whether or not to open an email based on the subject line. Make yours stand out, back it up with valuable information in the email’s body, and you may find yourself with many new customers.

Get Friendly with Mobile

When you’re a captive agent, selling products for an individual insurance company, you do not need to market yourself effectively. You merely need to work on behalf of that insurance company. However, independent insurance agents are reliant on themselves to sell products to make a living. Therefore, the need to have your finger on the pulse of all lucrative avenues is essential. Your livelihood relies on it.

If your website or your overall business model isn’t mobile friendly, you are at risk of losing out on customers. In today’s digital age, more and more people are accessing products and services on their mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets opposed to desktop computers.  Even if you are a reliable and trustworthy agent, potential customers may just choose your competition if your website isn’t easy to navigate on their mobile devices.

Marketing yourself as an independent insurance agent is more important than ever before. Traditionally, advertising was as easy as door knocking and placing an ad in your local paper, but it’s now almost entirely digital based. If you’re easy to contact, you put ads in the right places and have your finger on the pulse of effective digital marketing; you’re more likely able to market yourself as an independent insurance agent successfully.

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