The choice to join an ‘agency group’ is not one that agents take lightly. However, what an ‘agency group’ can do for an agent/agency can be monumental for their success.

Your struggles to open new markets, get key carrier contracts, and qualify for bonuses are coming to an end.

DCIAP offers a whole new approach to grouping agencies together solving the biggest complaints agencies have with Clusters and Aggregators. We offer complete solutions for both personal and commercial focused agents/agencies with key carriers that will give you huge competitive advantages in the markets place.

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Building Your Brand To Higher Levels of Profitability

DCIAP's Insurance Affiliate Programs take being apart of an 'agency group' to a new level by solving the biggest problems agents have with Clusters and Aggregators. We share a few of these things on The DCIAP Way page.

How you're able to continue building your brand... you don't lose your identity. This is very important to established agencies!

How you'll make more money in bonuses by, for starters, qualifying for bonuses with a lot less revenue!

How you'll keep 100% of your commissions. I know, hard to believe so check it out.

How you'll receive checks directly from the carrier meaning you'll get paid faster!

On the DCIAP Way page we share some of the advantages you gain by working with DCIAP. You'll then want to fill out the form (or give us a call) so we can have a conversation so you can hear the rest of the story!

Learn More About The DCIAP Way
  • NEW Markets

    With all of the carriers we have, you'll be able to open up new markets! We'll help you.

  • BIGGER Bonuses

    The more revenue created the higher the bonus percentage which we pass on to our agencies!
  • Better Contracts.

    By joining our affiliate program you're able to get contracts with carriers that may have been unattainable before.
  • Finally Getting Bonuses.

    Agencies LOVE getting bonuses! DCIAP let's you receive them with far less premium than direct contracts require.

Catch . Incubate . Release.

It's not uncommon for an agency to not have enough business with a carrier to get a contract with them. That all changes with our Catch, Incubate & Release strategy. We'll explain how this works when we talk.

Let's Have A Conversation. Let's Talk About...

  • How you can get contracts or sub-codes with leading companies.
  • How you can finally receive bonus checks without having to write the $350k+ minimum carrier's require.
  • How you can receive larger bonuses if you're already qualifying for them.
  • Learn about our Catch, Incubate & Release strategy. You'll love it!

Let's Talk About How You Can Make More Money!

Just fill out the following form. Once we receive it, within 24-48 hours we'll give you a call to discuss the DCIAP solution.