Who We Are

Humble Beginnings of Growing an Insurance Agency

Our roots in the insurance industry took hold 20 years ago and started from a garage. The founder of the agency, John Sentena, realized that with a Health Insurance market undergoing drastic changes of commissions being slashed, carriers struggling to make a profit, and impending legislation that would change the landscape permanently, a pivot from the healthcare would to the property and casualty world, made sense. The leap at the time was terrifying as John was an MGA with over 300 agents under him. But after building large books of business twice after carriers pulled out of the market, he decided that enough was enough.

In 1997, John launched his own agency focusing solely on workers compensation. It was a mandatory product that was very close to his wheelhouse of health, life, and disability. Motivated to provide for his young children and wife, he consistently made 100 calls a week, every week. In his first year of business, he wrote $1.2 million of workers compensation.

In truth, John would have been happy to provide only workers compensation, but as his clients’ needs evolved so did the agency. John brought on agents to help cross-sell his book with general liability, business auto, property, etc. As the commercial book grew so did client needs and a few years later the agency opened personal lines, to become a full-service agency.

Through the hard markets and soft markets, through carrier market entrances and exits and agent and agency acquisitions, we have proudly stood by the founding principles of unparalleled customer service, evolving operations, and hard work.

Our latest evolution to the market space has been to create our affiliate program, in which our knowledge of building an agency can be tapped into with our infrastructure, but branded by you. We would love to start a conversation about how we can help take your agency to the next level.

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