Independent Established

Our Plan For Independent Insurance Agents Making More Than $500,000 Premium or 3 Years in Business and Who are Looking for Sustained Growth and a Solid Profit Share Model

Growth and profit share, is the name of the game in this segment. While many of these agencies or independent insurance agents may feel good with their markets, there is always a need for more.

Our focus here is the profit share possibilities. At this point agencies are typically hitting profit share with a few markets. Some years they hit it and some they don’t. Almost always these agencies are within the first tier of profit sharing tables, which explains why the profit share with the agencies is so fragile from year to year. Joining the affiliate group, really helps to shore up so of those inconsistencies and launch the agency into a new tier of profit sharing.

The other advantage this offers is having the resources of the affiliate behind an agency. We have been in the business and grown our own agency from infancy to over $40,000,000 in premium written. We have the experience to speak from, and insight to give. Many of the other “groups/aggregators/clusters” are administrative machines, with no agency experience or insight to give. The point being that while some groups may openly brag that they collectively write hundreds of millions or billions in premium, the only number we discuss is that of our own agency. We are there, and we want every affiliate to have the same opportunity to be there as well. Our desire is to give all the tools to the agency in a true turnkey solution from our decades in the independent insurance agency world.

Part of our turnkey solution is to take a look at an affiliates book in terms of what type of classes of business are being written and match them to the best carriers available. This best ensures that agencies and independent insurance agents are partnering with the right carriers, and not wasting time on appointments that have little to no impact on their operations. In other words, we consult closely with our affiliates to make sure that a new carrier appointment, does not just lead to more paperwork for merely a new plaque on the wall.

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